Zenelli is a young Italian company born in 2013 from the passion for the photo world of the company owner, who had gained experience in the planning and manufacturing of high quality supports for cameras and photographic devices.

He developed the idea of manufacturing an innovative Gimbal Head, of attractive design, as light as possible, especially designed for any photographer, both professional and amateur.

Zenelli is a dynamic company, which is in constant development of new products and new models, grace to its highly specialized personnel together with last generation software and the research and use of composite material with the aim of extending the offer of gimbal heads and relevant accessories.

Its Production department is equipped with Additive and Removal Manufacturing Machinery, which grants the 100% Made in Italy of any Zenelli Product.

Its flexible and “slim” structure allows “just in time” answers to anyone approaching the company.

Zenelli has become a solid reference in the world of photography and is synonym of Design, Lightness and

Made in Italy Quality, offering a punctual and direct service to customers.

Zenelli looks today at its future with enthusiasm, planning and experiencing new models. Continue to keep your eye on us!

In particular the lightest gimbal head in the world designed and manufactured by Zenelli. The body is 100% made from carbon fiber, completely hollow, suitable to absorb click vibration. Hard-anodized aluminum and stainless steel complete the range of materials used , assuring high resistence to wear and tear and corrosion. Technology together with appealing and ergonomic design make Zenelli gimbal head the one and only product in its field.

Zenelli gimbal head was designed to grant the highest protection to machine body and teleobjective. Innovative and patented safety systems were purposely designed to achieve this result:

Save Lenses Lever: Lever actioning will avoid unbalancing and/or fall of the teleobjective against the tripod , while changing machine body and/or adding teleconverter,

Pin Save Tablet: Ensures teleobjective uncoupling, during the balance adjustment,

Quick Release Lever: Due to quick release lever and savelock system Zenelli Locking and release systems were designed to grant an incredible functionality and handiness, together with the highest safety.

Save Lock: Quick and automatic lever to protect QR plate in its pre-set position.

Gimbal head was designed to balance and discharge weight along panoramic axis , to minimize lateral efforts and maintain head/tripod steadiness.

Extensive movements fluidity together with quick and precise locking make Zenelli gimbal head suitable for any kind of shots. No more excuses for having missed a perfect short when using a Zenelli Gimbal head!

Available products are:

  • Zenelli Carbon ZX- Gimbal Head Carbon Fiber + QRL +SLL
  • Zenelli Carbon Z- Gimbal Head Carbon Fiber
  • Zenelli Kevlass ZX- Gimbal Head Kevlass Fiber + QRL
  • Zenelli Kevlass Z- Gimbal Head Kevlass Fiber
  • Zenelli CMZ- Mimetic  Cover
  • Zenelli PMZ- Mimetic Pouch