InstantKon RF70

The new generation of MiNT camera you can control

Tangible. Unedited. Real.

We believe in empowering the photographer, by giving control back to the photographer. Like the early vintage polaroids. Just more affordable and accessible.

Imagine what you can create by adding more degrees of freedom. Instead of being confined by the camera, we want you to take control and break the limitations of ordinary cameras.

InstantKon RF70 is designed to let the photographer take control. This is unlike many other instant cameras that have built-in automatic controls. RF70 is the only wide format instant camera that offers full manual control, shutter speed, aperture, and focus. With full controls and a wide film format (Instax WIDE film size: W 99 mm x H 62 mm), it doesn’t take a pro to capture the most stunning moments.

All you need in an instant camera, carefully packed in one foldable body:

  • Built-in flash for nighttime or fill flash
  • 2.5mm audio jack for triggering external studio flash
  • Real mechanical rangefinder for focusing
  • Neutral density filters for bright sunlight
  • Eject lever for unlimited multiple exposures
  • B mode for up to 10 minutes long exposure (double-click the shutter button for T mode)
  • Light meter for detecting ambient light
  • LCD display for ND recommendations
  • Tripod socket for standard tripods
  • Threaded shutter button for standard cable releases

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