Corporate Events

Within the promotional, and experiential markets alone, Polaroid Instant Film has become a unique product. Few brands can boast the longevity it has enjoyed over the years, far exceeding that of traditional media. That said, Polaroid Instant Film, coupled with the purposely designed Photo Mounts, offers enduring brand exposure, with no other product on the market quite having the ability to capture the instant interaction between your brand and the end-user. Promoters or Marketing / Advertising companies can utilise these mounts at:

  • Major Sporting Events including Golf, Football, Motor Sports
  • Product Launches such as high profile Fashion Shows, Motor Shows, Liquor, and Trade Marketing Promotions
  • Image Branding / Brand Building Campaigns
  • Sponsorship Activities

Polaroid provides a range of products from traditional analogue cameras, through to new digital technology that allow you to save each photo, print it instantly, and upload to your social media networks post-event. Our team will help you get the most out of your Polaroid products with years of experience with marketing communications and brand engagement.


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