Sales Management

With decades of experience across a broad range of markets, our dedicated sales team is able to connect your products to some of the most lucrative industries within the Asia-Pacific region.

Our Divisions

Business to Business

major retail footprint

Brands Australia operates primarily as a B2B company maintaining distribution arrangements with a wide array of brands and a footprint among some of Australia’s largest retailers.

Business to Consumer

polaroid online

Embracing the latest technology, Brands Australia is the authorised licensee for website and features ecommerce capabilities allowing us to provide niche products direct to consumers.

Corporate Events

expanding opportunities

Utilising the fun and creative nature of the Polaroid brand and the expert marketing activation knowledge of our staff, we work together with some of the leading global brands to enhance their experiential campaigns with Polaroid instant photos.

Retail Footprint

Mass Market

instant imaging

Polaroid consumer products are ranged in many of the most prominent mass retailers in Australia such as Big W and Officeworks. Our distribution channels into the mass market work with both Direct to Store and centralist Distribution Centers. Our flexibility enables us to bring products to market in a timely fashion.

Photo Speciality

long-term history

The relationship our staff have within the photographic speciality industry stretches back over 30 years, with many of the Brands Australia team coming from within the industry. Polaroid, Impossible, and ID Station products are all featured throughout major photo speciality stores such as Teds, Camera House, and Leading Edge group.


broad distribution

Brands Australia has key relationships with core pharmacy wholesalers such as Sigma, Symbion, and Australian Pharmaceutical Industries. Together with our own sales agents, the pharmacy channel is maintained in cooperation with In 2 Pharma agency group.